cohort 10 August 5-9, 2024

A community of bio builders

Develop an idea, meet a co-founder, join a team.

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Application deadline has past
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Frequency Bio is a flexible and free virtual program designed to help you explore launching a biotech startup — on your terms.

Whether you’re actively working on an idea or are just starting to think about building, we welcome a diverse community of founders.


Application deadline has past

Free to join

Virtual program

One week

10 hours

Access to experts

A lifelong founder community

Core Sessions

Frequency Bio participants are required to attend each of the sessions below.


Onboarding + virtual meetup

12-1:30PM ET

Building your team and intellectual property

12-1:00PM ET

Market opportunity and customer discovery

12-1:00PM ET

Setting milestones and executing

12-1:00PM ET

Getting your first term sheet

12-1:00PM ET

Program Roadmap

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Core Sessions

Live virtual sessions covering the fundamentals of finding a co-founder, validating your idea, developing a business model, and raising capital.

(45 minutes | optional)

Founder Talks

Live virtual and recorded talks from experienced founders. Learn about the journey ahead from someone who has been there and done it before.

(60 minutes | optional)

Founder Community

Join a community of future founders that will endure for life. Start to build relationships during the on-boarding session, then stay connected on Slack and through virtual working groups.


Frequency Bio is hosted by Pillar VC. Pillar backs founders from the very beginning — moving ideas from concept to real-world application. In biotech, Pillar has spearheaded the founder-led bio movement creating resources, building community and leading investments into the life science ecosystem.


Tony Kulesa

Partner, Pillar
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Thomas de Vlaam

Partner, Pillar

Madelyn Heart

Head of Bio Platform, PIllar

Previous Speakers

Frequency Bio includes both live Founder Talks and recorded sessions.
Cohort 10 speakers announced in July.

jeremy-allaire 1

Josie Kishi

Co-founder & CEO, Digital Bio
Aug 2024
Aug 2024
silvio 1

Sudharsan Dwaraknath

Co-founder & CEO, Quorum Bio

Miroslav Gasparek

Co-founder & CEO, Sensible Bio
Aug 2024

Max Jamilly

Hoxton Farms
Jan 2023

Daisy Robinton

Oviva Therapeutics
Aug 2022
Aug 2022

Jake Becraft

Strand Therapeutics

Reshma Shetty

Ginkgo Bioworks
Jan 2022

Nabiha Saklayen

April 2021

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cohort 10 August 5-9, 2024

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