If you have further questions about the program or are having trouble applying please reach out to katie@pillar.vc.

Apply here. Application deadline is TBA. Decisions will be made on a rolling basis.

by the end of frequency crypto you will know how to:

  • choose an idea
  • build a team
  • split equity with your co-founders
  • conduct customer discovery interviews
  • design a token
  • pick a business model
  • stay away from legal trouble
  • build a pitch deck
  • pitch to VCs


plus, you’ll build relationships that last a lifetime. 

frequency is designed to provide product, business, and market fundamentals so you can start and scale a project in web3. There are a lot of web3 coding bootcamps out there, but we wanted to make one focused on how to create a successful project — not just how to write code.

you do not have to have an idea to join. you might meet a co-founder with an idea!

frequency is free to join. you do not to give up equity in your company to be part of the bootcamp.

absolutely, you can apply as many times as you’d like. we’ll keep you on our mailing list for next time applications open.

we wanted to arm founders and future founders with the tools they need to start a successful web3 project. we do this by connecting founders with experts in the field who have done it before, and providing course-like business fundamentals content during the week-long virtual bootcamp.

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